Thursday, July 2, 2009

Installing 64 bit tcl/tk on Mac OS X

Everything is described in this post:

But here's a script too:

curl -O '{cl,k}8.5.7-src.tar.gz'
for f in t*8.5.7*.gz; do tar zxf $f; done
cd tcl8.5.7/unix/
./configure --enable-framework --enable-64-bit
cd tk8.5.7/unix/
./configure --enable-framework --enable-64-bit
make -j 4 -C tcl8.5.7/unix
make -j 4 -C tk8.5.7/unix
sudo make install -C tcl8.5.7/unix
sudo make install -C tk8.5.7/unix

-might be necessary to do this in the macosx directory for some reason, though Aqua doesn't support 64 bits
-have to recompile python to get _tkinter to work (see a later post)

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