Monday, June 29, 2009

Make PDFs open with the thumbnails window open

Neat trick I picked up from here:

Add this code:

\special{! /pdfmark
[/View [/XYZ null null 1] % unspecified x and y offset, 100% zoom
/Page 1
/PageMode /UseThumbs % /UseNone /UserOutlines /UseThumbs /FullScreen
/DOCVIEW pdfmark

to a LaTeX document (probably near the top) and when you ps2pdf it, it will open the PDF with the thumbnail bar open. This is very useful for proofreading after you latex a file. Of course, xdvi also works well for this, but xdvi is VERY unstable on the Mac. At least adobe, being a native Mac program, doesn't crash as often.

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