Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quicksilver sounds

To switch sound source from the command line:

Use this to make scripts such as:

/Users/adam/humor/SwitchAudioSource -s "Built-in Line Output"
afplay /Users/adam/humor/losinghorn.wav
/Users/adam/humor/SwitchAudioSource -s "Built-in Output"

Then make triggers in Quicksilver by:

  1. Go to trigger pane, make new hotkey trigger
  2. press "." to allow you to type a command
  3. make sure the action is "Run"
  4. hook up a hotkey
  5. if it doesn't work, just try again. Persist through crashes, they happen often.

Follow-up: You can also control the volume!
osascript -e 'set volume output volume 100'

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