Thursday, November 13, 2008

BASH discoveries, readline questions

1. shopt -p
Maybe my hostname completion worked and then stopped working because the bash option hostcomplete was not set. Duh! Why? I don't know. Anyway, shopt -s hostcomplete solves the problem.

nocaseglob is also pretty cool (case insensitive tab completion)

2. it's really hard to search for readline stuff on google. Can anyone explain to me how BASH readline works? I would REALLY like to make bash readline work like ipython, in which you can start typing a command and hit the 'up' key to search through the history for anything beginning with the stuff you've typed up to that point. But I can't even find documentation for the ipython readline! Any hints, anyone?

3. my desktop at work blocks ssh connections. I can ssh into some computers and then into it, but not directly into it. usual, I made a list where not-a-list would have sufficed, and I had to add the last thing because a 2-item list is dumb.

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