Saturday, September 27, 2008

Observing run summary

3 nights of worse than grade 4 weather (tau ~.4, i.e. the atmosphere is nearly opaque) have given me a few interesting results.

1. Non-detections of CS 5-4 in a few bright BGPS cores. My best guess is that the pointing was off, though, because I definitely got down to a noise level around 50mK.
2. Lots of CO 2-1 mapping, 13CO/C18O too. That means I can now use this plot: to try to measure the incident flux.
3. I can't do homework at the summit. Maybe it's just that I can't do stellar structures homework, but I really am not processing this stuff well. Damn.
4. Running at altitude uphill is really, really hard. All the running I've been doing the past N months has not even come close to preparing me. Need to correct that...
5. "I am inappropriate." I probably violate a bunch of those rules... the important ones...
6. gotta get back to the mountains. Really. Seriously. OMFG.
7. ARGH those papers need writing! Lots of it!

For the next observing run, need the following:
1. Pre-prepared A3 rasters
2. Larger selection of summit music
3. Better sleep schedule preparation
4. More caffeinated drinks per night
5. Cloud cannons.

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