Saturday, August 9, 2008

More beer tastes

Stone Vertical Epic 8: described as an overhopped Belgian, and I think they hit the mark exactly. It was pleasant and drinkable, with a strong hop flavor but weak hop bitterness. 8.6% ABV

Fort Collins brewery double chocolate stout: a reasonable dessert beer. Not nearly as dry as Stone's Oatmeal Chocolate, but not as sweet as Young's double chocolate. Chocolate undertones stayed undertones, which is not what I expect from a double chocolate stout. 8.1% ABV

Avery / Liquor Mart 40th anniversary: Just a hoppy ale, nothing special. Had a stronger hop aftertaste than most, not up to Avery's standard. No ABV label.

Steamworks Kolsch: Very light kolsch. I think it may have had a crisp flavor to it, but it was the last in line and unremarkable enough that my comments on it are untrustworthy. 4.86% ABV.

Also, talked to Bobby again, he recommends St Bernard as a good Belgian. That's on the list.

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